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18 July 2007 @ 08:50 pm
New Year (langford_u  
Title: New Year
Author: okelay
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: John/Elizabeth
Summary: A new year at Langford, new students, new faculty and new family.

Beta: jbwolfsies was good enough to give it a read over.
A/N: Written for ankareeda, who asked for a birth,sparky and a toy clown.
she also asked for smut, but i sadly did not know where to put it. i owe it to you, sorry.

A new year began at Langford University
Continuing tradition, the ceremony would be held in the quad, under the Big Ring.
The campus had filled with life, seemingly overnight.
Students were moving in, catching up and choosing clases.
Freshmen were trying not to get lost.

The Dean's speech was always long and boring, going into great details of all his hopes and plans for the new year. The other faculty followed, with similar speech, though considerably shorter.
Except for Dr.Weir, whose speech was never about the year to come, but her speeches were rather long.

All those attending the ceremony were in for quite a surprise when they saw her.
She'd gotten a lot bigger.

She was barely showing when the school year ended on July. If it hadn’t been for her giving them the happy news, they wouldn’t have known. It didn’t stop the malicious rumours, but there were a lot less.

Now it was unmistakable. She was pregnant. And how much!

“What happened to Dr. Weir?” was Steven’s first question, one of Dr. Weir’s former T.A.
“Well, I suppose she’s either expecting twins, or Dr. Sheppard has some giant blood no one ever knew about.” Answered Sophia, another former T.A.
“God, I hope it’s the first one!” sighed Frank, a fifth-year law student.
“Do you think she’ll be able to give her speech?” Sophia asked them “Maybe I should call an ambulance, have them on stand-by?”
“Don’t worry about it “ said Steve, “I’m sure she’ll only do it if she feels up to it. And I’m sure Sheppard’s taken care of it!”
“First of all” she said, giving him a 'are-you-crazy' look .”do you really think Dr.Weir would let her pregnancy get in the way of her job? Are you insane? And second, while I’m sure they have everything ready at home, they don’t think it’ll happen here. I’m calling an ambulance” with that, Sophia left.
Even if nothing happened, it was good to be ready for any eventuality. And the ambulance would get used. Someone would trip, or get punched, or fall, or something. There was no doubt about that.

Doctor Weir sat in her chair, next to Doctor Sheppard, fiddling with her speech.
It was a short one this year, at John’s insistence. Only 3 pages. He’d done a lot of clipping over the break to get it there.
John had wanted to have an ambulance standing by but Elizabeth forbid him to do so.
It would take 5 minutes, then she’d be sitting again and they could go home.

They’d made Elizabeth’s speech go first for this very reason.
Well, first after the dean’s, of course.
15 minutes into his speech, it didn’t seem as if he’d end any time soon and Elizabeth was nervous.
So she fidgeted.

“Calm down.” whispered John, taking her left hand. “It’ll be okay. He’ll be done soon.”
What Elizabeth wasn’t saying was that she was nervous because she was starting to have back pain and was afraid it could be contractions. She almost wished she hadn’t told John not to call an ambulance, but it was too late now.

“I know, I know.” said Elizabeth, trying to reassure herself.
“Are you feeling okay?” asked John, for the fourth or fifth time.
Ever since they found out, John had been asking her about 10 times a day.
It drove her crazy. So 99% of the time, she said she was okay, even if she wasn’t. Like now.
“I can do this. Don’t worry.” She answered.

The dean finally ended his speech and invited the faculty to give their own. It was Elizabeth’s turn.

“I’d like to offer a warm welcome to all faculty and students, new and old. As the dean of the Law school, I’d like to all new students with interests in this field to come to me with any questions, about the school system, the practice of the Law, or even study tips. My office is open to you all. I’d like to thank the older students for all the hard work you put in last year, in your studies as well as in other things like sports and social functions. It’s your hard work that makes this things enjoyable and gives the school it’s very much deserved reputation. I will not tell you what is planned for this year, but I hope you all come well-rested and with energy to work, because it is the most important thing here.

"Worry not, we may work hard, but there are always rewards. Sadly, I will not be teaching classes this semester; decide for yourselves if that’s a good or bad thing. I will still be available, at least by e-mail. I want to encourage you all to utilise the resources of this institutions to its full potential. The library is remarkably well stocked, whether you are interested in Law, Medicine, Art or Literature. We have a wonderful languages department which at the present offer courses in 7 different languages, and it’s worth the effort, trust me. We pride on having good teams of athletes and new ones are always welcomed. The Langford Clinic is constantly looking for volunteers, as is the Social Help Center. The university experience doesn’t have to be just one thing, and at Langford we stride to give you the best in everything.

As she stopped for breath, Elizabeth felt the pains in her back grow sharper as well as new ones arise.
“So have a good year, and just remember that here we like to do things right. Follow them through. And while nobody excels at everything, it is always best to try everything. Good luck!”

She walked slowly back to her seat, where John received her, asking her once again if she was okay - this time, she just told him to get an ambulance, because it was time.

She sat on her chair, under the care of Janet Fraiser and Samantha Carter as John ran to get the ambulance. He knew this would happen. Which is why, though he couldn’t call one, didn’t mean somebody else shouldn’t.
“Sophia! Did you call?” John asked, running towards her, as soon as he was able to find her.
“Doctor Sheppard! Yeah, they’re in the parking lot. Is it time?” she asked, concerned
“Yeah, it is, I gotta go!” said John, turning around and running to find the ambulance.
“Wait!” she yelled “I’ll get it, you go back to Doctor Weir!”
“Good idea, hurry up!” he yelled back, running back to Elizabeth.

Meanwhile, Janet was asking Elizabeth how she felt, how close the contractions were, and how much and how long had her back been hurting. Elizabeth knew she’d get reprimanded again for not paying enough attention to her health.
Nobody did, according to Dr. Fraiser.

Thankfully, a couple minutes later Doctor Elizabeth Weir was being wheeled into the ambulance and rushed to the hospital, John at her side.

The ceremony was ,of course, interrupted as everyone was now too distracted and several people got into their cars to follow them to the hospital.

Elizabeth wasn’t ready to deliver her baby yet, they told her when she reached the hospital.
The new OB/GYN, Dr.Addison Montgomery, told her the contractions were too far apart and they needed to wait, maybe a few hours.
Elizabeth wasn’t too happy about it, so when Dr.Montgomery offered to induce labor, she immediately agreed. The sooner it was over, the better, Elizabeth thought.

John was given some scrubs, shown how to wash his hands, and rushed to the delivery room to accompany Elizabeth.

“John?!” Elizabeth cried when she heard the door open
“Liz? Are you okay? Sorry, stupid question…what do I do?” John asked, walking to her.
“Just hold her hand and keep her company, Mr.Sheppard.” Dr.Montgomery told him. He did that - he grabbed Elizabeth's hand, told her it would be okay, it would soon be over, and then he started singing his favourite song, “Brighter than Sunshine” by Aqualung.
Elizabeth had been crying, but hearing John’s voice calmed her down and soon she was ready to deliver. Under Dr. Montgomery’s instructions, she pushed when it was necessary and withing a few minutes they were meeting their new born.
“Very well done, Elizabeth! Here it comes...it’s a boy!” cried the doctor’s joyful voice.
“Would the dad like the cut the cord?” she asked.
John felt like he was about to pass out, but with trembling hands, he did so, and the baby was deposited in his arms and he took him to Elizabeth
“Hey, baby…I’m your dad…and look who’s here…mom!”
Elizabeth took the baby in her arms, looking him ever, knowing this new little person that was now her (and John’s) responsibility.
“He’s so little” she said, looking lovingly at her son.
“Have you decided on a name?” Dr. Montgomery asked.
“We have.” said John. “Charlie!” he announced proudly.
“Charles Marcus Sheppard Weir” Elizabeth clarified.
The baby was then taken to be cleaned and to do all those things they usually do with newborn babies while the mother was taken to recovery. She was given a sedative so she could rest, since she wasn’t keen on doing it.

“Sleep, Liz, we’ll be here when you wake.” John told her as the nurse injected it.
“You know I hate to be called that” she answered groggily
“I do. But I don’t care.” was his response.
“We’ll talk later” she replied, before moving her head and falling sleep.

“How long will she be out?” John asked the nurse before she left.
“Several hours. She was tired, at least four or five I’d say, maybe more."

John walked into the lobby, where, as he expected, half the school seemed to be waiting. He smiled.
“It’s a boy!” he yelled.
“Perfectly healthy, 9 inches, 6 pounds.” he continued as people came to hug him. Jack O’Neill was the first.
“...and we named him Charlie” John told him.
“Thanks, John” was all that Jack said, and John knew how much it meant to him.

The news spread like wildfire and soon the hospital had to force everyone out, but before being kicked out, people left gifts for the newborn.
At least 5 baby-sized Langford t-shirts, and apparently it was planned in advance since they were all different sized. They got all kinds of Langford memorabilia that was available for babies, from t-shirts and sweatshirts to hats and Letterman jackets.

Several baskets of fruit & chocolates were delivered, as well as various toys.
And many, many, diapers as well as a complete medical kit for infants, courtesy of Dr. Fraiser.

John showed them all to Elizabeth when she woke up later that night.
“Do you think he’ll want to go to Langford?” Elizabeth asked him
“Nah, I think he’ll want to get away from us.” John answered “besides, I wouldn’t want my son as my student.” He added.
“Who says he’s gonna take math?” Elizabeth asked, in her almost-offended-but-really-teasing voice. “Maybe he’ll want to be a lawyer. Or an artist! I’d like that” she said.
“You think there is no art in math?” John asked “ Well, I hope he’s not a scientist. McKay would drive him mad” he chuckled. “Oh, that reminds me. You gotta see what he sent!”
“Rodney sent something?” Elizabeth asked “That is so…nice! I never would’ve expected it”
“Well, his gift is somewhat less-than-conventional” John said, and he showed her a tiny plush doll… a perfect replica of chucky.
“Oh, that is just wicked” she said, laughing.

miera_cmiera_c on July 19th, 2007 04:04 am (UTC)
Um, did you actually read the other stories in the AU? Because there's a story that establishes their first child in this universe is a little girl named Tara.
Andy: talkankareeda on July 19th, 2007 10:06 am (UTC)
Thank you. :) Cuteness and hehe Rodney is scary with the chucky doll. :P Maybe you can work in that there already have a little daughter, just write one sentence and it should be fine. :) Here is the link to the story: Christenings by miera_c. Thanks again and don't you worry about the smut. ;)
ppeowved on February 17th, 2013 01:11 am (UTC)
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